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Real-world, practical, actionable advice to take your service-based business to the next level

I’m sharing with you an episode of Freelance To Founder, another show here on the Podglomerate Network.

Freelance to Founder features real-time coaching sessions with freelancers who want to scale their service business.

In each episode, show co-hosts Preston Lee and Clay Mosley—who have both scaled their one-person businesses to something bigger—help guests and listeners on their journey to finally achieve “founder” status.

Freelance to Founder strives to provide real-world, practical, and actionable advice to take your service-based business to the next level—with occasional surprise guest experts or deep dives on must-have skills for success.

This episode I’m sharing is a coaching call with web designer Keegan Lanier of Redefined Creative. 

Keegan is a side hustler who's desperate to take the leap and work on his business full-time. But he's hesitant to make such a dramatic life change when he doesn't really know where his clients come from. He gets a lot of referral business (enough to build 3-4 websites per month) but he's always nervous referrals could dry up without notice. 

So Clay and Preston walk him through a few critical client-finding tactics, including how to harness the power of local clients by becoming an expert in your area—allowing you to charge more and build a predictable pipeline of new work.

New episodes air each Thursday. You can subscribe to Freelance to Founder using the link in the show notes, or visit FreelanceToFounder.com.

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