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Dec. 8, 2020

#36: Matt Ragland [Curiosity]

Becoming a full time YouTube creator after 10 years of side hustling

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Dec. 1, 2020

#35: David Perell [Serendipity]

How "The Writing Guy" thinks about Twitter, education, and creating your own games

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Nov. 24, 2020

#34: 5 things for creatives to be thankful for

A special Thanksgiving solo episode!

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Nov. 17, 2020

#33: Brian Clark [Empathy]

A content marketing pioneer talks about its evolution

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Nov. 10, 2020

#32: Dan Andrews [Legitness]

Helping location independent entrepreneurs build businesses and find community

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Nov. 3, 2020

[REPLAY] #2: James Clear [Revision]

Habits, research, and how to create A+ work from a New York Times best selling author

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Oct. 27, 2020

#31: Sahil Lavingia [Honesty]

Gumroad and the evolution of online creators

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Oct. 20, 2020

#30: Anne-Laure Le Cunff [Mindfulness]

From burnout to mindful productivity and quickly building an audience

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Oct. 13, 2020

#29: Khe Hy [Consistency]

Leaving Wall Street success to find fulfillment and start an email newsletter

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Oct. 6, 2020

#28: Bryce Conway [Iteration]

How a travel hacker evolved to become a content creator and affiliate marketer

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Sept. 29, 2020

#27: Ran Segall [Consistency]

How a freelance designer's YouTube hobby paved the way to becoming an educator

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Sept. 22, 2020

#26: Ryan Robinson [Planning]

How to write blog posts that rank on page one of search results

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Sept. 15, 2020

#25: Eric Jorgenson [Curation]

Creating a full-length book from Tweets, interviews, essays, and podcasts

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Sept. 8, 2020

#24: Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista [Service]

Paying off debt, saving for retirement, weathering a recession, and building wealth

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Sept. 1, 2020

#23: Kwame Christian [Strategy]

How an expert negotiator thinks strategically about expanding his reach

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Aug. 25, 2020

#22: Pat Flynn [Relationships] and Matt Gartland [Vision]

Why Pat Flynn acquired a Matt Gartland's agency in order to grow Smart Passive Income

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Aug. 18, 2020

#21: Matt D'Avella [Experimentation]

Freelancing, filmmaking, podcasting, and finding success on YouTube.

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Aug. 11, 2020

#20: Morgan Nield [Experimentation]

Selling on Etsy, building a marketing strategy, Pinterest, and transitioning from physical to digital products

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Aug. 4, 2020

#19: Miles Beckler [Preeminence]

Affiliate marketing, building an audience, earning trust, and making money online

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July 28, 2020

#18: MICK [Brand]

The early days of being a DJ, building relationships, failing micro, and future-proofing your brand.

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July 21, 2020

#17: Jude Brewer [Adapting]

Publishing, performing, becoming a producer, and adapting stories for different formats

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July 14, 2020

#16: Puno [Learning]

Finding freelance clients, managing your time, building a business to support your lifestyle, and creating exceptional courses.

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July 7, 2020

#15: Natalie Franke [Community]

Starting a photography business, competition, entrepreneurial loneliness, and the role of community

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June 30, 2020

#14: Jonathan Mendonsa [Financial Literacy]

Becoming debt free, how to cut your living expenses, saving for retirement, and investing

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