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Thoughtful, insightful and fun!

Jay brings out the best in his guests with this show. He’s a pro who cares deeply about what his guests have to say, and his only agenda is ensuring a high-quality conversation.

Great insights from the best online creators on how they started and where they are today. Jay traces their story all the way back to the beginning

Amazing for creators

Jay puts so much care and craft into this pod. Appreciate it so much!

For podcasters and creatives

There’s a number of shows out there for creative people, but this one always has great guests and gets into the creative process. If you’re a podcaster you should check this out.

Constant inspiration to do what fuels you

Creative Elements is one of my favorite discoveries of 2021. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and it’s given me the inspiration to pursue my creative-business dreams. In addition to Jay Clouse himself, I’ve discovered countless other creatives to be inspired by through this podcast. I can’t recommend it enough for the creatives/creators that are interested in business.

Jay is a great interviewer and has great guests.

A podcast for podcasters 🤪

Jay is producing an excellent podcast with Creative Elements. If you’re looking for a podcast with production value to aspire to, listen to this show. Jay is clearly someone to learn from. Great guests, clearly well prepped, planned, and researched, and the post-production seems to do a great job of bringing the conversations to life.


Great story telling, so many useful gems I can apply to my own work and career!


Jay’s show is inspiring. Just what us creatives need as inspiration to keep going. Thanks for everything. #Tweet100 ☺️


Don’t miss this one. Do yourself a favor and listen. Jay asks all the right questions and gets us all the information to motivate, teach, and push us in the right direction with his guests.

Very Enjoyable Podcast!!

I enjoy listening to this podcast on the daily commute. Each episode has some great points and thoughts. Definitely worth the listen!!


This podcast is NOT TO BE MISSED! Definitely worth listening and adding to your favorites! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great show!

Informative, with a simple through line to follow along with even while multitasking. Great show!

Do bees have knees?

Jay is the bees knees!!

A must listen!

Plenty of value and a great bang for your time. Looking forward to more episodes! @schulmanArt host of The Inspiration Place podcast

Solid content.

I swear when I’m listening, I’m on a Gondola 🇮🇹 & Jay’s voice is my tour guide. His questions are spot on & the information Jay & his guests bring is relevant and can be immediately applied to your profession and life.

This is my go-to podcast

I feel like I go through seasons of podcasts, and this is my go-to now as I explore creative endeavors. Practical conversations around pain points with great guests. Simple, motivating and useful. Thank you for the podcast!

Love the Format — Tons of Value

I don’t listen to every episode, but I love how Jay breaks down the interviews. It’s great to hear stories from people from so many backgrounds and industries too.


I never miss an episode. I absolutely love this show.

Incredible thoughtful podcast that I get takeaways from in every ep!

thoughtful podcast that I get takeaways from in every ep!

Best podcast for entreprenuers and creators

Jay rocks! If you’re a business owner or content creator looking to learn from some of the best in the world, this podcast is for you. Unique, entertaining, and incredibly actionable.

One of a kind podcast

I love that I can rely on Jay to provide an info packed episode each and every time. I come here when I’m craving some creative level up convo. Highly recommend adding it to your queue.

I’m hooked!

Each episode is thought-provoking and inspirational. Love ‘em!

I love this show so much!

Jay Clouse is that weird combination of delightful and inquisitive and under-the-radar brilliant that you want in a podcast host. Editing is on point, commentary is insightful, guests are great. One of my all-time favorites.

A must listen!

Jay has a way of pulling out book worth advice and quotes from guests. The nuggets of information shared not only are practical, but it’s entertaining dialogue. A great variety with some stellar guests, give it a listen!

The pursuit of better

Jay is one of those people that can obsessively pursue “better” without being pretentious or condescending about it. His natural curiosity and earnest presence shine through in this podcast. I’ve sat down and chatted with Jay in real life, and this podcast plays like you’re right there at the table with them.

Good pod

I like it.

Enjoyable and informative

Well-produced podcast that tells the story of creative endeavors: the joys and struggles and everything in-between. Inspirational to hear all the stories.

Top notch stories for freelancers

I love how Jay leads with a summary that has useful information, and then uses his interview skills to pull a great story out of his guest. Gold mine of great topics for freelancers and budding entrepreneurs.

Always a great listen

Thanks Jay for the episode on the comparison trap- man that hits home!! Love your thoughts on experience ladders- always great words of wisdom that are helping by business move forward!

Love it!

Always informative, high energy and enjoyable!

Where to begin

Jay is an amazing creative mind and has poured his heart and energy into a platform for education and engagement. Where curiosity shines and concepts are broken down into the building blocks of career and personal success. I’m so excited to see the future of this channel and Jay. Highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and with a playful dose of entertainment.

Incredibly Insightful!

Jay has a special ability to ask questions that bring the passion out of his guests. Jam packed with value & insight, and not a second wasted because of thoughtful editing, this is one of my favorite weekly listens. For the creative & optimistic alike 🤝💰


Episode 56 with Allen Gannett has a great discussion on being creative that anyone can find something that relates to them.

Interesting efforts

I know Jay puts a lot of thought and effort into all of his work. His Creative Elements podcast is evidence of this ethic.

👏👏 MUST listen to podcast!!!

If you are living in the 21st century, and trying to find your way through it in terms of career, creativity, and life...then Creative Elements is a MUST listen to podcast. Hit subscribe right meow!!

Great storytelling

Jay does an amazing job of bringing on interesting guests and creating a story around it all. I’ve loved watching how the show gets better as time goes on. A podcast anyone in the creative/entrepreneur space should listen to.

My favorite podcast

My favorite podcast (seriously)

Jay is an incredible host

The fact that Jay focuses on a topic many have attempted to explore is a gift to us all. Unlike most shows exploring creativity, Jay sets aside his own ego and assumes the role of guide. This show is refreshing and sorely needed. A total cut above.

Must listen!

Creative Elements is a must listen for any one wanting to learn more about the content creator economy. Jay hosts a wide variety of guests and has an uncanny ability to ask THE questions you want answered. Jay is easy to listen to and the production value is top notch. Definitely binge worthy!


I regret not finding out about this podcast sooner. It could've saved me so much time before! Great tips, great content. Always a delight.

Wow! Such info! More idea!

Jay is an excellent host, he’s funny and engaging. Plus he picks such great guests who talk about interesting BIG ideas. Great production!

Hooked After 1 Episode

Loved the episode with David Perell, it really helped me write this profile piece on him. Thanks so much!


Favorite podcast, but the Bijan podcast was a big waste of time. The content was stuff 99% of people already know.


Jay is a great host and interviewer. Great guests, doing great things. I feel inspired and encouraged after each episode.

Entertaining and inspirational

Jay’s podcast is great production quality making it enjoyable to listen to. The guests are both entertaining and inspiring. The variety of topics leave me thinking about my own business in different ways and brainstorming my next ventures. Each episodes keeps me fully engaged, and when they come to the end I am eager to listen to the next one.

Excellent Guests and Excellent Quality

Jay, produces a podcast of excellent quality exploring the creativity and insights from people that are at the top of their field. Highly recommend!

Creatives' life map

Perfect podcast for creatives trying to navigate their way to the life they want to live.


A wonderful podcast by a humble, brilliant guy.

MasterClass in 21st Century Creativity

This podcast is masterful in two dimensions: in the stories Jay tells and in Jay’s ability to tell them. Love it!

Great for anyone creative

This podcast is a wonderful look at the many different directions you can go with your creativity. Jay is an excellent host and I learn so much from listening to this podcast. Keep up the good work!

Essential for every knowledge worker

Creative Elements is one of those rare shows that manages to deliver exceptionally unique content in a crowded category of “creativity.” Jay checks all the boxes for a quality show but really goes above and beyond to pull out the best of guests so we can all takeaway at least one important theme from each of them.

Inspiring and informative

I am not an creative entrepreneur outside of a tiny side hustle but this podcast has me dreaming of a day I may become one. It is filled with great content and interviews that provide excellent advice and tips. The variety of experience of the interviewees (and Jay himself!) is enough to keep me listening and learning.

Jay Close kicks it up a notch with this one.

I first listened to this show after recieving a newsletter from Jay, who is overall an abnormally generous and hard working guy from what I understand. This show seems to be a step up from his last show Up Side, which was also good, but this one the sound editing and guestlist seem to be improved exponentially. And how can you beat that podcast show art? I am excited to see this guy break into higher and higher levels of the creative "scene" to become what he himself has termed "the new guard" once the spaces open up I guess and the "old guard" starts to retire. Check out the episode about Strategy with Kwame Christian. This one will soon be one of my regular shows to check in with as Jay learns more and more particular secrets about working into the creative realms and shares them with all of us.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you gotta listen

The first episode I listened to was with Kwame and it was really refreshing to hear what he had to say. Jay is super resourceful and has given me some valuable tools as I’ve been learning my business and entrepreneurship this last year. It took me a while to jump into the podcast only because I had others on my roster ahead of CE, but now that I’m here- I plan to binge all the episodes to get caught up!

…and the best Show of 2020 goes to 🥇️

This show is an absolute masterclass. In fact, you should cancel your Masterclass subscription right now - Jay’s got you covered.

Well curated and thoughtful

Literally one of my favorite podcasts. Thoughtful questions, concise intros and commentary, doesn’t waste your time, well produced, interesting interviews, there’s really nothing like it. Refreshing content in a sea of self promotion in the creative space and totally worth your time. Thank you, Jay!

Listen in and stay ahead in the game!

This podcast is my weekly doze of inspiration. The guests are amazing and Jay always asks great questions that lead to insightful answers. I am not particularly in a creative field, but I am an enterprising person and this podcast has an abundance of great advice for me. Post-pandemic economy is going to look very different and this podcast offers great advice to stay ahead in the game!

Great discussions with ideas to apply to your activities

I enjoy listening to the background story on each persons journey and what they learned. Great lessons to apply to the activities in your life.

Highly recommend for creatives of all stripes

Amazing guests, genuine insights, and entertaining to boot!


I just discovered this podcast and it’s what I needed to encourage me to keep my creative business going 😊 some days (like this whole year) it’s been tough to get motivated but this is a breath of fresh air. Jay has a “down to earth tone” and I appreciate the variety of the guests being interviewed.

Amazing creative practical knowledge + inspiration

Not to be dramatic, but this podcast has changed my life. Ok, maybe not my life, but at least the hum-drum-hoping-for-something-good-to-happen career path I was on. I love the creatives Jay features on the show and I have truly been so inspired by their solid advice. I feel like I can glean a small piece of wisdom from each episode, and Jay does a great job at keeping the discussion focused, while still maintaining an organic flow of conversation and not being dull or monotonous. I also appreciate how practical and approachable each episode is. If you’re a creative, and you need some GENUINE inspiration and advice from REAL creatives, listen to this. Thank me— I mean Jay— later.

Tremendously motivating

I first learned of Jay Clouse and this podcast through another podcast (Ian Paget: Logo Geek) and I was so profoundly motivated by that single episode that I instantly started following this dude on all the social media channels, signed up for his newsletter, subscribed to THIS podcast, and will be purchasing his courses for Freelancers in the very near future. I went for a long drive just to binge-listen to episode 1 and 2, and I’m hooked. I’ve had a fine art and design business for almost ten years. I’ve got the art thing down, but I’ve never been so excited to learn what I can do to be better entrepreneur and perhaps go fully freelance. Also, for anyone that judges a podcast by the voice, this dude’s voice is like butter on a warm slice of toast. :)

The Best Podcast For Aspiring Creators

Jay is a story teller and takes you on a journey of exploration, discovery and inspiration. Each episode is packed with golden nuggets to help you level up your online business. Jay brings on incredible guests and created a podcast that is well above the rest. Give it a listen and subscribe. You'll regret all your life decisions if you don't. This podcast is GOLD.

Excellent interview

Excellent interview with Morgan Nield. So much great information! Thank you.

Down to earth + actually helpful

The host asks great questions and has really interesting guests :)

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!

I’m hooked!

Jay has the ability to tell people’s stories while focusing on the topic at hand. I always end an episode being well-informed and encouraged. Looking forward to the next episode! Thank you so much.


If you are a creator of any sorts, this will be your favorite thing to listen to!! I honestly do not remember how I came across this podcast. Whether it was through my avid listening to “Stuff You should Know”, of mere curiosity in the podcast realm, but it is absolutely LIFE CHANGING. Jay is one of the most efficient, captivating and porous interviewers. He knows what to ask an introvert that would have them rambling for hours!! I am Galen aback by how Jay is able to deliver such profound answers through his questions and the people he chooses to interview give you such intricate advice, you are driven to CREATE. Love it and will be listing 4Life!

Can’t get enough

A friend recommended this podcast to me as a prescription for some perspective issues I’m having with my own creative business. After only 2 episodes I’m already on a different path, one I’m way happier with. Super great podcast, great audio quality, really doing a lot for my life right now. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Insightful/relevant questions

Listened to the Cat Coq Interview after studying Cat’s website and Instagram feed a bit. Jay, you ask great questions! Very helpful info. Will check out more and listen while I work in my illustrations :) -Kali

Great stuff

Excellent guests and great conversations. Worth listening to every episode.

Jay = 🐐

Jay is at it again. Both Upside and Creative Elements podcasts have a permanent place in my podcast subscriptions. I thoroughly enjoy Creative Elements, especially, because the content hits much closer to home in regards to my personal experiences. It’s apparent that the guests enjoy Jay’s interviews, as well, as they often compliment Jay on his ability to ensure his interview questions are unique. Give Creative Elements a try - you won’t regret it!

Really great show

The go to for business owners around the world

Fantastic Podcast

Very enjoyable cast that gets deep in the trenches with understanding the stories of creators. Jay is an amazing facilitator - I definitely recommend a listen.

One of the only podcasts I listen to!

Solid stories from interesting people

Curiosity generator!

You can tell that Jay puts immense time, effort and care into Creative Elements. With every episode, I am left with practical tools to apply in both my personal and professional life. Most of all, I am left with with my curiosity fed and thoughts for days. Grateful for you, Jay!

Great Podcast!!

I really enjoy listening to this podcast.

Great for your daily commute

Love the narration and stories through the interviews.

A must listen for any creatives!

I love this podcast! Jay interviews fantastic guests, each with a story to tell and a tangible takeaway. As the guests tell their stories, I find myself thinking of questions and next thing I know, Jay is asking that question! He is a great interviewer and makes sure his listeners walk away from each episode well-informed and inspired. I highly recommend this podcast to any creative individual or entrepreneur. I’ve found value in every episode I’ve listened to, even when I was hesitant at first if the content would relate to me. Great job Jay!

Jay Keeps Producing Gold

Everything Jay does is quality and this show is maybe the best example yet. Pure gold. A solid investment of time every time I listen.

A Superb Show

This is a really, really great show. Jay does an excellent job of turning the interviews into stories with his narration throughout. Always come away learning practical tips from this podcast.

Really helpful!

Thanks for all the info in this interview! I’m going to have to listen again with paper and pencil

Routines and Habits

James Clear interview was great!

For the creative - and the aspiring creative

Excellent content that has my mind racing around several different topics. I’m not a typical creative person, but I’ve learned a lot of principles here that I can apply to both career and life pursuits.

Love this Podcast!

Love all the knowledge shared here :)

Cool Guests, terrific interviewer!

Love the style of this podcast. The straight forward style and honest conversation is refreshing! Keep it up!

High quality interviews w/Diverse Guests

I’ve listened to 10 episodes and I’m continually impressed by the production quality, thoughtful questioning, and the diverse background of the guests. I take something away from each episode!

Thoughtful and engaging

Hey Jay! I just found your podcast episode with Seth Godin on Reddit. I am actually about to interview him myself for my podcast! I was so impressed with the thoughtful and engaging dialogue with Seth and learned even more about him. Looking forward to hearing more of your work. I am also a TPG graduate!

Incredible Guests

Jay has done a phenomenal job of getting A-list guests on the show while creating an incredible storyline from start to finish. If you are a creative, entrepreneur, or someone who likes stories, this podcast is for you!

5 stars ⭐️

This podcast is super inspiring & relevant. One of my new favorites for sure!

Move this podcast to the top of your list!

I’m skyrocketing this podcast to the top of my list. It’s informative, inspiring, well-produced, thought-provoking — you name it, this creative podcast has it. The guests are fantastic. Jay’s questions and perspectives are top-notch. Stop what you’re doing right now and try an episode out (like the one w/ Jason Zook). Chances are you’ll subscribe after the first 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Never listen to Podcasts… LOVE this one

I’m a long time fan of Murder by Death, and gave this podcast a listen cause they interviewed the lead singer, Adam Turla. Jay Clouse did an excellent job of getting some really great stories and driving the conversation. Great job. really enjoyed it.

Energizing and inspiring

*Excellent* interviews that are surprisingly and directly relevant to thinking in new ways about work, art, creativity, entrepreneurship and resourcefulness. (And no mention of pandemics). Highly recommend if you want to push back on your assumptions with fresh ideas.


Similar to all the work that Jay Clouse does, this podcast delivers.

My favorite podcast

Hooked from the first episode. If you have a passion, you are a creator. And this podcast is for you.

Dig it!

Jay’s the man. Love the podcast. Highly recommend to creatives! 💪

Lots of value!

Jay is always sharing great stories and lots of value. The people he interviews are creative, knowledgeable, and fun to listen to!

Hidden Gem!

Jay Clouse, this is your mastery! From finding the greatest guests, lead & supporting the conversation, flawless edits and so impactful all around! I want to shout it from the roof top, THIS PODCAST IS 5 STARS!!!!

Jay puts in the work

Jay does the hard work to research and prepare thematic questions for his guests and, because of this, Jay is able to be present in the interviews and ask thoughtful questions meant to draw unique and insightful answers from his guests.

Breath of fresh air!

Wonderful podcast!!!!!

Creative deconstruction of entrepreneurial creativity

Jay defines an elegant way to consider aspects of creativity. The guests and interviews are wonderful. I look forward to Tuesday podcast releases!

Loving this show!

Jay talks to people who have built their own success through creativity. During the episodes you get a glimpse of the highs/lows that went into building the specific business and the guests journey (100% authentic!). I’ve listened to all 5 episodes and will be taking in the content one show at a time as they continue to come out!

I look forward to Tuesday’s

There is a wealth of podcasts about entrepreneurship, but this one tops them all. Jay has brought on a variety of guests from all different industries. My favorite part of this podcast: I always walk away from it with a new person to follow, a new book to read or newsletter to subscribe to. The applications of this podcast go far beyond starting a business.

Loving Creative Elements

Thanks for bringing this to life Jay. You’ve brought together sophisticated podcast techniques + great content that is broad, and specific, at the same time. This is a great time for people, while stay-at-home orders are still in effect, to address how they make art and if they’re making time for art. Looking forward to more!

Can’t wait to hear more!

At the time of writing this review, Creative Elements is up to four episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed the first three and I’m currently listening to #4. Creator and host Jay Clouse brings the humility, curiosity, and ingenuity that are crucial to good storytelling in the interview format. Several tones throughout the first 3 ep.’s the given guest pauses the conversation to acknowledge Jay’s thorough research and empathetic perspective, saying “that’s a really good question” or something like it. I just found that funny, but it does also speak to the solid quality of this show’s content. I’m genuinely excited to hear more, and hopefully soon! The ideas behind this podcast are all very relevant. important, and interesting to me. I’ve learned a couple tidbits so far, but more importantly I’ve been awakened in a way. Thoughts and ideas and goals that I had pushed deep on the back burner and all but forgot about are resurfacing as fresh, attainable, and realistic because of some new perspectives I’ve gained in listening to this show! I highly recommend it and I really appreciate everyone who has participated in creating this show! Hope everyone stays safe through this weird lockdown season.

Insightful and entertaining

Love the artwork, love the intros, love the guy!!

off to a really fun start!

I like the thought that went into the questions in the seth godin episode. I felt myself wanting to go from my usual 2x down to 1x to appreciate the depth and honesty in seth's responses. looking forward to what's next!

Great show!

Loved this first two episodes with James and Seth! Jay did a remarkable job focusing on what’s really important in what seemingly felt like very casual conversations!

Exactly What I Was Looking For

This podcast speaks exactly to what I need as a freelancer/solopreneur. Jay has experienced all of the highs and lows of creating one's own career path, and his ability to share his wisdom and insight by welcoming STELLAR guests into the conversation helps me stay in the game and have more clarity on what I should do next.

Thoughtful and concise. Worth your time!

I’m so impressed with the wisdom packed into 40 minutes. Jay’s interjections, transitions, and summaries are timely and appreciated, and it’s clear that the editing work here is both detailed and considerate. I’m impressed by the smooth transitions and the way the topics in the first episode came together into something that felt both useful and whole. I’ll be following along for sure.

Must listen. Do yourself a favor.

If you own business or have entrepreneurial aspirations, you need this podcast. One episode in and already I’m thinking about my brand and my relationship with my clients/audience in a much deeper way. Thank you for what you’re doing, Jay!!!

Jay strikes again!

So many podcasts ask easy questions to high profile guests and it almost feels like a wasted opportunity. Jay doesn’t miss opportunities with any of his guests. Love this new show!


This episode is just what I needed -- looking forward to more!

Great insight!

Jay has been an incredible support in my creative endeavors and I love that he’s teaming up with experts in the field to share their insights, too. The first episode was a great listen and a good push for anyone who is thinking about or in the process of making more art in their lives!


Listen to this to get your creative juices flowing! Why do I love it so much? Because what they’re talking about is not conventional or predictable, but rather it’s authentic, distilled golden nuggets of information!

Perfect for Freelancers!

Jay has pulled together a very professional show which covers the highlights of what you can glean from a variety of creators. Highly recommend for Freelancers!


Grateful to have a deeper look at what it takes to be a successful creative professional. Jay does a great job of setting the stage and pushing the conversation along!


Great new podcast.

Well done!

When Seth Godin says, “No one’s ever asked that. That’s a great question,” listeners can be sure the discussion is well-planned. The format is audience-friendly: the host’s previews of content and interview process throughout are helpful.

classic Jay, causing a ruckus

If you’ve followed along with any of Jay’s writings or other initiatives, you know what you’re going to get with this podcast: something super thoughtful and unique. A moment in the first episode encapsulates this. Seth Godin, the guest, who has been interviewed hundreds of times, stops mid-conversation to tell Jay how thoughtful his question was and that no one has ever asked him that. Talk about a high bar for episode one. The production quality is high, the effort is apparent, and the output is nothing less than what I’ve become accustomed to from Jay Clouse.

In the Rotation

From the first episode, it's obvious that Creative Elements is a must-listen for any person in the creative field — or aspiring to enter it. Professional, articulate, and thoughtful, Jay has an ease of interviewing that doesn't make you think twice — in a good way. Creative Elements is seamless and engaging. Highly recommend.

Great Podcast

Another excellent podcast that touches on an often overlooked group. Looking forward to the next episode already!

Excited for what is to come.

Jay has an unique and authentic delivery on the nuances that improve your process as a freelancer/creative. I hope he continues to bring in powerful guests to this show - starting with Godin is a power move.