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Where creators go to be inspired

As a content creator myself I value hearing from people that are living the life and being successful doing it. But what makes this show exceptional is Jay’s open nature with his own thoughts and struggles and his ability to know what kind of guests can help his listeners give you insight no matter at what stage you are on your path as a content creator. Relax, settle in, and before long you will realize you are with friends that understand you.


My mom told me about this podcast, and now I love listening to Creative Elements! There is so much to learn from each episode. Excited to listen to all of them!

Great content and superior audio

Fantastic advice for creative entrepreneurs!


I’ve just discovered Creative Elements and it makes me smile every time I listen to it. It’s based around creativity and entrepreneurship and is PACKED with value and interesting interviews. I’ve learned so much already and am delighted there’s so many episodes that I can binge.


Really appreciate the encouragement and positivity during every episode I listen to with Jay!

Solid podcast!

Definitely worth adding to your pod subs!

Fantastic, actionable content

Incredible content that’s very actionable for entrepreneurs. A lot of big shows are filled with strategy and fluff- Jay interviews people that give very real, actionable tactics and advice!

Creative ideas

I work in the financial realm (not very creative) but somehow Jay’s podcast stirs up all sorts of ideas that I can apply to my work to improve my service to clients and make it more enjoyable for me. Thanks, Jay!

Fire podcast

Interviews are all done well, can’t wait to see what’s next

This Santa Approves!

Jay never fails to deliver with interesting guests and some of the best interviews I've ever come across. He asks all the questions I have in my head and more. I don't think I've ever come away from listening to an episode and not had it stick with me for the rest of the week/month. I am blown away with the value Jay delivers on a consistent basis and recommend the pod to anyone who will listen to me. Keep up the great work buddy!!

Good pod

I like it

Recommended today

Jay always brings the best guests on - and he’s able to ask questions succinctly to let the guest shine. I learn something new every time I tune in

One of the best!

I love this podcast and the assorted variety of creative guests. Jay does a great job asking thought provoking questions and the whole experience is excellent!

A Must FOR creators

When people tell me that they want to be a creator for a living, Creative Elements is always a recommendation.

Outstanding content and example

The content of every episode is outstanding. But there’s more to learn if you’re a podcaster or want to become one. Even if you listen only to follow Jay’s example, you don’t want to miss an episode. Jay is a master podcast host worth emulating.

I never miss an episode

The only podcast I’ll never skip and episode of. The guests are always fascinating and come from a variety of disciplines and experiences. I feel like I’m always learning something new—I should mention this is also one of the few podcasts I take notes on as I listen. I think what makes this podcast particularly useful is that Jay’s own business acts as a foil. His lines of questioning get so practical because he asks how he would apply the principles the guests are talking about in his own business. This always sparks really interesting discussions. As a listener I feel like I’m getting free vicarious coaching from two experts at once! If you run an online creator business, this show is an absolute goldmine.

Remarkable show learning from the best

I listen and often watch on YouTube because the production value is fantastic. The host, Jay Clouse, does a great job at deconstructing the best advice from these amazing creators. It’s part inspiration but a whole lot of application which I greatly appreciate.

Super high quality

You can tell how much time and effort Jay puts into every episode. Super professional and the content is always on point.

Becoming my go to podcast

The combination of the interview style, quality of guests, and specific insights into their creative journeys (and businesses)...is why I'm digging the pod. Appreciate the length and editing as well. So so good.

Awesome podcast!

Jay’s podcast is very insightful with all the amazing guest he brings on!

Exceptional pod!

Jay’s ability to interview stands out. He brings the best out of each guest, leaving the listener with actual, implementable concepts by the end of each show. I’ve learned a lot from his show. I hope you will too!

Top 5!

Jay and his Creative Elements podcast is on my top 5 Podcasts list! So good! Great guests… gets my mind spinning and I love it!!!

Top Rate Podcast

Jay’s show has become one of my most shared podcasts with friends and clients. I particularly enjoyed the episode with Seth Godin and James Clear. Thanks for the content and the consistent strategy.

A lightning in a bottle for creators and freelancers

A podcast that helps you as a creator while Interviewing other creators? Yep. You found it. Enjoy it.

Great Insight

Jay has incredible guests and brings so much insight to the creator community. Great show!


I really enjoyed the Kayse Morris episode—as an occasional TPT user, this inspired me to consider sharing my own content.

Phenomenal Podcast

I typically listen to podcasts when I am taking a long road trip. Creative Elements is the only podcast I listen to on the subway, at work, or taking a short drive. It’s entertaining, inspiring, and informative. If you’re an online content creator, or thinking of becoming one, this is the only podcast you need to listen to.

Best Creative Show

Listen Jay Clouse has cornered the market with this show!!! As a newbie creator, this show helps me build my brand but also motivate me to keep going. There is practical and easy to implement advice. If you are not subscribed, you need to run to do so now!!!

Mentor Vibes

As a creative consultant in the fashion industry I am always looking for ways to expand a service based business into a platform, and its hard to find free and applicable information sometimes. Jay has become a trusted resource on so many topics because he makes it SO easy and entertaining! I often find myself down a rabbit hole after this show simply because he gives a straightforward starting point on the topics that I would not normally seek out.