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Most Underrated Show Of The Year - You Need To Be Listening To This!

I found Jay’s podcast last week on YouTube and have been binge listening to episodes everyday since. There are few shows I actually subscribe to (I consume WAY too much content as a creator already) and I review even less. I can say without a doubt you are missing out on some incredible insights if you over look this show! If you want to see one of the best produced video podcasts go watch the episodes that are available on YouTube. You will be deeply enriched by spending time with Jay on Creative Elements.

Incredible value!

I heard about this podcast listening to Marketing Against the Grain and they recommended this one for creators. I’m SO GLAD I did!! So much free advice for up and coming creators. I’ve learned so much about mindsets, brand deals, strategies, tactics and so much more. Thank you for the amazing work!

Phenomenal Podcast!

Jay’s style and commitment to make his show as engaging as possible really resonates well with me as a listener. Definitely will be coming back to this show for a long time. Super thankful I found it early. Come prepared to take notes and change in the process - this show is a real gem.

Interviewing 101 Masterclass

I just listened to Jay interview Justin Welsh and it was phenomenal. My background is in PR and l’ve done my fair share of interviews and Jay is a master. He asks the questions that viewers want to hear. I learned so much about Justin that l feel like l know him and trust him. In addition, the video version on YouTube is expertly done from editing to sound to graphics. This is a great podcast. Put it on your listening list now!

Top notch podcast

Jay does an amazing job delivering creative and insightful advice. I always walk away motivated and ready to take action. I would recommend this podcast to anyone, especially in the creative space.

Creative Elements is stellar!

I love this podcast! Jay has a great style and brings out the best responses in his star guests. Creative Elements is one of my favorite podcasts hands down.

Best creator content I know of

This is one of the only creator/business pods I can actually relate to. I always get takeaways that I can use on my projects - often from people I already follow on Twitter. It’s been a huge value add!

Highly recommend

A great show for when I need some inspiration and get my creative juices flowing.

Love this podcast!!!

As a creator myself, I simply love Jay’s perspective and the incredible people he interviews! I’ve learned a ton. Give this 🔥pod a listen!

Great interviewer

I’ve been listening to Creative Elements for a few months now. Jay gets great guests and there are takeaways in every episode. He’s such a good interviewer that even if I am not necessarily interested in the guest, he makes me interested!

Wonderful way to hear creators’ stories

I have recently been binge listening to Creative Elements because I love hearing people tell the stories of their creator-life journeys. The interview format elicits many “Aha!” moments for me and gives me ideas for my own creative path. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Now one of my top-five podcasts

A nice mix of guests from the very well known to the not so known, which are some of the best episodes. Most guests are either best-selling authors and/or internet content creators. I faithfully listen to each new episode and have gone back to listen to almost the entire back catalog (having only discovered the podcast early this year). The episodes are interesting conversations more so than pure interviews. The show has high post-production, which I appreciate. For example, Jay summarizes the major points. If you are at all interested in the creative process in the internet economy, this is a show not to miss.

Unique and Diverse Content

This podcast has been great and I can’t rave about it enough! The creator world can be information overload and it is incredibly hard to find direction from the start. With Jay’s unique interview method, he is able to provide diverse content from tons of different creators in a way that is simple yet thorough. This podcast became my most frequently visited very quick!

The Absolute BEST for Creators

Dear Jay, Thank you so much for all you do for freelancers and creatives. I learned tons doing your Freelance course, and I love the pivot you took towards helping Creators. I am an aspiring Creator and a lot of it is your influence. Once I get my Creator business up and running (very soon), I’m absolutely going to video pitch you ;) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed you and your wonderful guests. I am furiously taking notes at every episode! Haha. Thanks again from Heather Bee in Raleigh, NC!

One of my favorite pods for creatives 🙌🏻

Creative Elements has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I learn something every single time I listen!

Like sitting in on a talk with friends

Jay has an incredible ability to make his guests feel comfortable and his interviews have a wonderful conversational tone that makes it feel extremely intimate. His variety of questions speak to the research and preparation he does for each episode. Always a pleasure to see a new episode get released.

Listen to this, then change the world.

You want to make a dent in the universe? Then expose yourself (no, not like that) to the amazing ideas, philosophies and perspectives shared by the brilliant guests Jay manages to get on. Then on top of that, the production, the editing is a stunning masterclass in entertainment. Epicness on every level. You’re basically making the world a worst place by NOT listening to this majestic show. Karaminder out.

Amazing guests and stories

Jay always brings it on Creative Elements! I absolutely love his guest selection and the way he teases out specific stories and insights that you won’t find in other interviews with them.

Favorite podcast by far

Jay’s podcast is simply the best. The production quality is super high. The guests are amazing. And the format is uniquely engaging too. 10/10 recommend.

Thoughtful, insightful and fun!

Jay brings out the best in his guests with this show. He’s a pro who cares deeply about what his guests have to say, and his only agenda is ensuring a high-quality conversation.

Great insights from the best online creators on how they started and where they are today. Jay traces their story all the way back to the beginning

Amazing for creators

Jay puts so much care and craft into this pod. Appreciate it so much!

For podcasters and creatives

There’s a number of shows out there for creative people, but this one always has great guests and gets into the creative process. If you’re a podcaster you should check this out.

Constant inspiration to do what fuels you

Creative Elements is one of my favorite discoveries of 2021. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and it’s given me the inspiration to pursue my creative-business dreams. In addition to Jay Clouse himself, I’ve discovered countless other creatives to be inspired by through this podcast. I can’t recommend it enough for the creatives/creators that are interested in business.

Jay is a great interviewer and has great guests.

A podcast for podcasters 🤪

Jay is producing an excellent podcast with Creative Elements. If you’re looking for a podcast with production value to aspire to, listen to this show. Jay is clearly someone to learn from. Great guests, clearly well prepped, planned, and researched, and the post-production seems to do a great job of bringing the conversations to life.


Great story telling, so many useful gems I can apply to my own work and career!


Jay’s show is inspiring. Just what us creatives need as inspiration to keep going. Thanks for everything. #Tweet100 ☺️


Don’t miss this one. Do yourself a favor and listen. Jay asks all the right questions and gets us all the information to motivate, teach, and push us in the right direction with his guests.

Very Enjoyable Podcast!!

I enjoy listening to this podcast on the daily commute. Each episode has some great points and thoughts. Definitely worth the listen!!