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This podcast is NOT TO BE MISSED! Definitely worth listening and adding to your favorites! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great show!

Informative, with a simple through line to follow along with even while multitasking. Great show!

Do bees have knees?

Jay is the bees knees!!

A must listen!

Plenty of value and a great bang for your time. Looking forward to more episodes! @schulmanArt host of The Inspiration Place podcast

Solid content.

I swear when I’m listening, I’m on a Gondola 🇮🇹 & Jay’s voice is my tour guide. His questions are spot on & the information Jay & his guests bring is relevant and can be immediately applied to your profession and life.

This is my go-to podcast

I feel like I go through seasons of podcasts, and this is my go-to now as I explore creative endeavors. Practical conversations around pain points with great guests. Simple, motivating and useful. Thank you for the podcast!

Love the Format — Tons of Value

I don’t listen to every episode, but I love how Jay breaks down the interviews. It’s great to hear stories from people from so many backgrounds and industries too.


I never miss an episode. I absolutely love this show.

Incredible thoughtful podcast that I get takeaways from in every ep!

thoughtful podcast that I get takeaways from in every ep!

Best podcast for entreprenuers and creators

Jay rocks! If you’re a business owner or content creator looking to learn from some of the best in the world, this podcast is for you. Unique, entertaining, and incredibly actionable.

One of a kind podcast

I love that I can rely on Jay to provide an info packed episode each and every time. I come here when I’m craving some creative level up convo. Highly recommend adding it to your queue.

I’m hooked!

Each episode is thought-provoking and inspirational. Love ‘em!

I love this show so much!

Jay Clouse is that weird combination of delightful and inquisitive and under-the-radar brilliant that you want in a podcast host. Editing is on point, commentary is insightful, guests are great. One of my all-time favorites.

A must listen!

Jay has a way of pulling out book worth advice and quotes from guests. The nuggets of information shared not only are practical, but it’s entertaining dialogue. A great variety with some stellar guests, give it a listen!

The pursuit of better

Jay is one of those people that can obsessively pursue “better” without being pretentious or condescending about it. His natural curiosity and earnest presence shine through in this podcast. I’ve sat down and chatted with Jay in real life, and this podcast plays like you’re right there at the table with them.

Good pod

I like it.

Enjoyable and informative

Well-produced podcast that tells the story of creative endeavors: the joys and struggles and everything in-between. Inspirational to hear all the stories.

Top notch stories for freelancers

I love how Jay leads with a summary that has useful information, and then uses his interview skills to pull a great story out of his guest. Gold mine of great topics for freelancers and budding entrepreneurs.

Always a great listen

Thanks Jay for the episode on the comparison trap- man that hits home!! Love your thoughts on experience ladders- always great words of wisdom that are helping by business move forward!

Love it!

Always informative, high energy and enjoyable!

Where to begin

Jay is an amazing creative mind and has poured his heart and energy into a platform for education and engagement. Where curiosity shines and concepts are broken down into the building blocks of career and personal success. I’m so excited to see the future of this channel and Jay. Highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and with a playful dose of entertainment.

Incredibly Insightful!

Jay has a special ability to ask questions that bring the passion out of his guests. Jam packed with value & insight, and not a second wasted because of thoughtful editing, this is one of my favorite weekly listens. For the creative & optimistic alike 🤝💰


Episode 56 with Allen Gannett has a great discussion on being creative that anyone can find something that relates to them.

Interesting efforts

I know Jay puts a lot of thought and effort into all of his work. His Creative Elements podcast is evidence of this ethic.

👏👏 MUST listen to podcast!!!

If you are living in the 21st century, and trying to find your way through it in terms of career, creativity, and life...then Creative Elements is a MUST listen to podcast. Hit subscribe right meow!!

Great storytelling

Jay does an amazing job of bringing on interesting guests and creating a story around it all. I’ve loved watching how the show gets better as time goes on. A podcast anyone in the creative/entrepreneur space should listen to.

My favorite podcast

My favorite podcast (seriously)

Jay is an incredible host

The fact that Jay focuses on a topic many have attempted to explore is a gift to us all. Unlike most shows exploring creativity, Jay sets aside his own ego and assumes the role of guide. This show is refreshing and sorely needed. A total cut above.

Must listen!

Creative Elements is a must listen for any one wanting to learn more about the content creator economy. Jay hosts a wide variety of guests and has an uncanny ability to ask THE questions you want answered. Jay is easy to listen to and the production value is top notch. Definitely binge worthy!


I regret not finding out about this podcast sooner. It could've saved me so much time before! Great tips, great content. Always a delight.