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Wow! Such info! More idea!

Jay is an excellent host, he’s funny and engaging. Plus he picks such great guests who talk about interesting BIG ideas. Great production!

Hooked After 1 Episode

Loved the episode with David Perell, it really helped me write this profile piece on him. Thanks so much!


Favorite podcast, but the Bijan podcast was a big waste of time. The content was stuff 99% of people already know.


Jay is a great host and interviewer. Great guests, doing great things. I feel inspired and encouraged after each episode.

Entertaining and inspirational

Jay’s podcast is great production quality making it enjoyable to listen to. The guests are both entertaining and inspiring. The variety of topics leave me thinking about my own business in different ways and brainstorming my next ventures. Each episodes keeps me fully engaged, and when they come to the end I am eager to listen to the next one.

Excellent Guests and Excellent Quality

Jay, produces a podcast of excellent quality exploring the creativity and insights from people that are at the top of their field. Highly recommend!

Creatives' life map

Perfect podcast for creatives trying to navigate their way to the life they want to live.


A wonderful podcast by a humble, brilliant guy.

MasterClass in 21st Century Creativity

This podcast is masterful in two dimensions: in the stories Jay tells and in Jay’s ability to tell them. Love it!

Great for anyone creative

This podcast is a wonderful look at the many different directions you can go with your creativity. Jay is an excellent host and I learn so much from listening to this podcast. Keep up the good work!

Essential for every knowledge worker

Creative Elements is one of those rare shows that manages to deliver exceptionally unique content in a crowded category of “creativity.” Jay checks all the boxes for a quality show but really goes above and beyond to pull out the best of guests so we can all takeaway at least one important theme from each of them.

Inspiring and informative

I am not an creative entrepreneur outside of a tiny side hustle but this podcast has me dreaming of a day I may become one. It is filled with great content and interviews that provide excellent advice and tips. The variety of experience of the interviewees (and Jay himself!) is enough to keep me listening and learning.

Jay Close kicks it up a notch with this one.

I first listened to this show after recieving a newsletter from Jay, who is overall an abnormally generous and hard working guy from what I understand. This show seems to be a step up from his last show Up Side, which was also good, but this one the sound editing and guestlist seem to be improved exponentially. And how can you beat that podcast show art? I am excited to see this guy break into higher and higher levels of the creative "scene" to become what he himself has termed "the new guard" once the spaces open up I guess and the "old guard" starts to retire. Check out the episode about Strategy with Kwame Christian. This one will soon be one of my regular shows to check in with as Jay learns more and more particular secrets about working into the creative realms and shares them with all of us.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you gotta listen

The first episode I listened to was with Kwame and it was really refreshing to hear what he had to say. Jay is super resourceful and has given me some valuable tools as I’ve been learning my business and entrepreneurship this last year. It took me a while to jump into the podcast only because I had others on my roster ahead of CE, but now that I’m here- I plan to binge all the episodes to get caught up!

…and the best Show of 2020 goes to 🥇️

This show is an absolute masterclass. In fact, you should cancel your Masterclass subscription right now - Jay’s got you covered.

Well curated and thoughtful

Literally one of my favorite podcasts. Thoughtful questions, concise intros and commentary, doesn’t waste your time, well produced, interesting interviews, there’s really nothing like it. Refreshing content in a sea of self promotion in the creative space and totally worth your time. Thank you, Jay!

Listen in and stay ahead in the game!

This podcast is my weekly doze of inspiration. The guests are amazing and Jay always asks great questions that lead to insightful answers. I am not particularly in a creative field, but I am an enterprising person and this podcast has an abundance of great advice for me. Post-pandemic economy is going to look very different and this podcast offers great advice to stay ahead in the game!

Great discussions with ideas to apply to your activities

I enjoy listening to the background story on each persons journey and what they learned. Great lessons to apply to the activities in your life.

Highly recommend for creatives of all stripes

Amazing guests, genuine insights, and entertaining to boot!


I just discovered this podcast and it’s what I needed to encourage me to keep my creative business going 😊 some days (like this whole year) it’s been tough to get motivated but this is a breath of fresh air. Jay has a “down to earth tone” and I appreciate the variety of the guests being interviewed.

Amazing creative practical knowledge + inspiration

Not to be dramatic, but this podcast has changed my life. Ok, maybe not my life, but at least the hum-drum-hoping-for-something-good-to-happen career path I was on. I love the creatives Jay features on the show and I have truly been so inspired by their solid advice. I feel like I can glean a small piece of wisdom from each episode, and Jay does a great job at keeping the discussion focused, while still maintaining an organic flow of conversation and not being dull or monotonous. I also appreciate how practical and approachable each episode is. If you’re a creative, and you need some GENUINE inspiration and advice from REAL creatives, listen to this. Thank me— I mean Jay— later.

Tremendously motivating

I first learned of Jay Clouse and this podcast through another podcast (Ian Paget: Logo Geek) and I was so profoundly motivated by that single episode that I instantly started following this dude on all the social media channels, signed up for his newsletter, subscribed to THIS podcast, and will be purchasing his courses for Freelancers in the very near future. I went for a long drive just to binge-listen to episode 1 and 2, and I’m hooked. I’ve had a fine art and design business for almost ten years. I’ve got the art thing down, but I’ve never been so excited to learn what I can do to be better entrepreneur and perhaps go fully freelance. Also, for anyone that judges a podcast by the voice, this dude’s voice is like butter on a warm slice of toast. :)

The Best Podcast For Aspiring Creators

Jay is a story teller and takes you on a journey of exploration, discovery and inspiration. Each episode is packed with golden nuggets to help you level up your online business. Jay brings on incredible guests and created a podcast that is well above the rest. Give it a listen and subscribe. You'll regret all your life decisions if you don't. This podcast is GOLD.

Excellent interview

Excellent interview with Morgan Nield. So much great information! Thank you.

Down to earth + actually helpful

The host asks great questions and has really interesting guests :)

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!

I’m hooked!

Jay has the ability to tell people’s stories while focusing on the topic at hand. I always end an episode being well-informed and encouraged. Looking forward to the next episode! Thank you so much.


If you are a creator of any sorts, this will be your favorite thing to listen to!! I honestly do not remember how I came across this podcast. Whether it was through my avid listening to “Stuff You should Know”, of mere curiosity in the podcast realm, but it is absolutely LIFE CHANGING. Jay is one of the most efficient, captivating and porous interviewers. He knows what to ask an introvert that would have them rambling for hours!! I am Galen aback by how Jay is able to deliver such profound answers through his questions and the people he chooses to interview give you such intricate advice, you are driven to CREATE. Love it and will be listing 4Life!

Can’t get enough

A friend recommended this podcast to me as a prescription for some perspective issues I’m having with my own creative business. After only 2 episodes I’m already on a different path, one I’m way happier with. Super great podcast, great audio quality, really doing a lot for my life right now. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Insightful/relevant questions

Listened to the Cat Coq Interview after studying Cat’s website and Instagram feed a bit. Jay, you ask great questions! Very helpful info. Will check out more and listen while I work in my illustrations :) -Kali