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Great stuff

Excellent guests and great conversations. Worth listening to every episode.

Jay = 🐐

Jay is at it again. Both Upside and Creative Elements podcasts have a permanent place in my podcast subscriptions. I thoroughly enjoy Creative Elements, especially, because the content hits much closer to home in regards to my personal experiences. It’s apparent that the guests enjoy Jay’s interviews, as well, as they often compliment Jay on his ability to ensure his interview questions are unique. Give Creative Elements a try - you won’t regret it!

Really great show

The go to for business owners around the world

Fantastic Podcast

Very enjoyable cast that gets deep in the trenches with understanding the stories of creators. Jay is an amazing facilitator - I definitely recommend a listen.

One of the only podcasts I listen to!

Solid stories from interesting people

Curiosity generator!

You can tell that Jay puts immense time, effort and care into Creative Elements. With every episode, I am left with practical tools to apply in both my personal and professional life. Most of all, I am left with with my curiosity fed and thoughts for days. Grateful for you, Jay!

Great Podcast!!

I really enjoy listening to this podcast.

Great for your daily commute

Love the narration and stories through the interviews.

A must listen for any creatives!

I love this podcast! Jay interviews fantastic guests, each with a story to tell and a tangible takeaway. As the guests tell their stories, I find myself thinking of questions and next thing I know, Jay is asking that question! He is a great interviewer and makes sure his listeners walk away from each episode well-informed and inspired. I highly recommend this podcast to any creative individual or entrepreneur. I’ve found value in every episode I’ve listened to, even when I was hesitant at first if the content would relate to me. Great job Jay!

Jay Keeps Producing Gold

Everything Jay does is quality and this show is maybe the best example yet. Pure gold. A solid investment of time every time I listen.

A Superb Show

This is a really, really great show. Jay does an excellent job of turning the interviews into stories with his narration throughout. Always come away learning practical tips from this podcast.

Really helpful!

Thanks for all the info in this interview! I’m going to have to listen again with paper and pencil

Routines and Habits

James Clear interview was great!

For the creative - and the aspiring creative

Excellent content that has my mind racing around several different topics. I’m not a typical creative person, but I’ve learned a lot of principles here that I can apply to both career and life pursuits.

Love this Podcast!

Love all the knowledge shared here :)

Cool Guests, terrific interviewer!

Love the style of this podcast. The straight forward style and honest conversation is refreshing! Keep it up!

High quality interviews w/Diverse Guests

I’ve listened to 10 episodes and I’m continually impressed by the production quality, thoughtful questioning, and the diverse background of the guests. I take something away from each episode!

Thoughtful and engaging

Hey Jay! I just found your podcast episode with Seth Godin on Reddit. I am actually about to interview him myself for my podcast! I was so impressed with the thoughtful and engaging dialogue with Seth and learned even more about him. Looking forward to hearing more of your work. I am also a TPG graduate!

Incredible Guests

Jay has done a phenomenal job of getting A-list guests on the show while creating an incredible storyline from start to finish. If you are a creative, entrepreneur, or someone who likes stories, this podcast is for you!

5 stars ⭐️

This podcast is super inspiring & relevant. One of my new favorites for sure!

Move this podcast to the top of your list!

I’m skyrocketing this podcast to the top of my list. It’s informative, inspiring, well-produced, thought-provoking — you name it, this creative podcast has it. The guests are fantastic. Jay’s questions and perspectives are top-notch. Stop what you’re doing right now and try an episode out (like the one w/ Jason Zook). Chances are you’ll subscribe after the first 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Never listen to Podcasts… LOVE this one

I’m a long time fan of Murder by Death, and gave this podcast a listen cause they interviewed the lead singer, Adam Turla. Jay Clouse did an excellent job of getting some really great stories and driving the conversation. Great job. really enjoyed it.

Energizing and inspiring

*Excellent* interviews that are surprisingly and directly relevant to thinking in new ways about work, art, creativity, entrepreneurship and resourcefulness. (And no mention of pandemics). Highly recommend if you want to push back on your assumptions with fresh ideas.


Similar to all the work that Jay Clouse does, this podcast delivers.

My favorite podcast

Hooked from the first episode. If you have a passion, you are a creator. And this podcast is for you.

Dig it!

Jay’s the man. Love the podcast. Highly recommend to creatives! 💪

Lots of value!

Jay is always sharing great stories and lots of value. The people he interviews are creative, knowledgeable, and fun to listen to!

Hidden Gem!

Jay Clouse, this is your mastery! From finding the greatest guests, lead & supporting the conversation, flawless edits and so impactful all around! I want to shout it from the roof top, THIS PODCAST IS 5 STARS!!!!

Jay puts in the work

Jay does the hard work to research and prepare thematic questions for his guests and, because of this, Jay is able to be present in the interviews and ask thoughtful questions meant to draw unique and insightful answers from his guests.

Breath of fresh air!

Wonderful podcast!!!!!