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Creative deconstruction of entrepreneurial creativity

Jay defines an elegant way to consider aspects of creativity. The guests and interviews are wonderful. I look forward to Tuesday podcast releases!

Loving this show!

Jay talks to people who have built their own success through creativity. During the episodes you get a glimpse of the highs/lows that went into building the specific business and the guests journey (100% authentic!). I’ve listened to all 5 episodes and will be taking in the content one show at a time as they continue to come out!

I look forward to Tuesday’s

There is a wealth of podcasts about entrepreneurship, but this one tops them all. Jay has brought on a variety of guests from all different industries. My favorite part of this podcast: I always walk away from it with a new person to follow, a new book to read or newsletter to subscribe to. The applications of this podcast go far beyond starting a business.

Loving Creative Elements

Thanks for bringing this to life Jay. You’ve brought together sophisticated podcast techniques + great content that is broad, and specific, at the same time. This is a great time for people, while stay-at-home orders are still in effect, to address how they make art and if they’re making time for art. Looking forward to more!

Can’t wait to hear more!

At the time of writing this review, Creative Elements is up to four episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed the first three and I’m currently listening to #4. Creator and host Jay Clouse brings the humility, curiosity, and ingenuity that are crucial to good storytelling in the interview format. Several tones throughout the first 3 ep.’s the given guest pauses the conversation to acknowledge Jay’s thorough research and empathetic perspective, saying “that’s a really good question” or something like it. I just found that funny, but it does also speak to the solid quality of this show’s content. I’m genuinely excited to hear more, and hopefully soon! The ideas behind this podcast are all very relevant. important, and interesting to me. I’ve learned a couple tidbits so far, but more importantly I’ve been awakened in a way. Thoughts and ideas and goals that I had pushed deep on the back burner and all but forgot about are resurfacing as fresh, attainable, and realistic because of some new perspectives I’ve gained in listening to this show! I highly recommend it and I really appreciate everyone who has participated in creating this show! Hope everyone stays safe through this weird lockdown season.

Insightful and entertaining

Love the artwork, love the intros, love the guy!!

off to a really fun start!

I like the thought that went into the questions in the seth godin episode. I felt myself wanting to go from my usual 2x down to 1x to appreciate the depth and honesty in seth's responses. looking forward to what's next!

Great show!

Loved this first two episodes with James and Seth! Jay did a remarkable job focusing on what’s really important in what seemingly felt like very casual conversations!

Exactly What I Was Looking For

This podcast speaks exactly to what I need as a freelancer/solopreneur. Jay has experienced all of the highs and lows of creating one's own career path, and his ability to share his wisdom and insight by welcoming STELLAR guests into the conversation helps me stay in the game and have more clarity on what I should do next.

Thoughtful and concise. Worth your time!

I’m so impressed with the wisdom packed into 40 minutes. Jay’s interjections, transitions, and summaries are timely and appreciated, and it’s clear that the editing work here is both detailed and considerate. I’m impressed by the smooth transitions and the way the topics in the first episode came together into something that felt both useful and whole. I’ll be following along for sure.

Must listen. Do yourself a favor.

If you own business or have entrepreneurial aspirations, you need this podcast. One episode in and already I’m thinking about my brand and my relationship with my clients/audience in a much deeper way. Thank you for what you’re doing, Jay!!!

Jay strikes again!

So many podcasts ask easy questions to high profile guests and it almost feels like a wasted opportunity. Jay doesn’t miss opportunities with any of his guests. Love this new show!


This episode is just what I needed -- looking forward to more!

Great insight!

Jay has been an incredible support in my creative endeavors and I love that he’s teaming up with experts in the field to share their insights, too. The first episode was a great listen and a good push for anyone who is thinking about or in the process of making more art in their lives!


Listen to this to get your creative juices flowing! Why do I love it so much? Because what they’re talking about is not conventional or predictable, but rather it’s authentic, distilled golden nuggets of information!

Perfect for Freelancers!

Jay has pulled together a very professional show which covers the highlights of what you can glean from a variety of creators. Highly recommend for Freelancers!


Grateful to have a deeper look at what it takes to be a successful creative professional. Jay does a great job of setting the stage and pushing the conversation along!


Great new podcast.

Well done!

When Seth Godin says, “No one’s ever asked that. That’s a great question,” listeners can be sure the discussion is well-planned. The format is audience-friendly: the host’s previews of content and interview process throughout are helpful.

classic Jay, causing a ruckus

If you’ve followed along with any of Jay’s writings or other initiatives, you know what you’re going to get with this podcast: something super thoughtful and unique. A moment in the first episode encapsulates this. Seth Godin, the guest, who has been interviewed hundreds of times, stops mid-conversation to tell Jay how thoughtful his question was and that no one has ever asked him that. Talk about a high bar for episode one. The production quality is high, the effort is apparent, and the output is nothing less than what I’ve become accustomed to from Jay Clouse.

In the Rotation

From the first episode, it's obvious that Creative Elements is a must-listen for any person in the creative field — or aspiring to enter it. Professional, articulate, and thoughtful, Jay has an ease of interviewing that doesn't make you think twice — in a good way. Creative Elements is seamless and engaging. Highly recommend.

Great Podcast

Another excellent podcast that touches on an often overlooked group. Looking forward to the next episode already!

Excited for what is to come.

Jay has an unique and authentic delivery on the nuances that improve your process as a freelancer/creative. I hope he continues to bring in powerful guests to this show - starting with Godin is a power move.